Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Welcome to this Science Platform!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the CBMR Science Platform for research and innovation communication. Here you will find the latest and most interesting content in the field of Medicine, Biomedicine and Cognitive Neuroscience.

The CBMR Science Platform mission is to provide reliable scientific information from around the world and Portugal, including the CBMR research topics Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Disease, Molecular Biomedicine and Technology, Regenerative Medicine and Translational Medicine in an accessible manner. We aim to raise science awareness and public engagement.

The CBMR Science Platform brings together national and international researcher centers and science communicators to build a digital science communication network.

It is our privilege to welcome you to the CBMR Science Platform that disseminates science and innovation in Portugal and the wider world. We wish you an exciting experience!

Karl Magnus-Petterson | CBMR Director


About the CBMR Science Platform  


The CBMR Science Platform is a CBMR (Centre for Biomedical Research) project which aims to communicate science, offering to the general public the latest and more interesting content on the field of Biomedicine.

The platform intends to show some of the work developed by CBMR researchers – on Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of DiseaseMolecular Biomedicine and TechnologyRegenerative Medicine and Translational Medicine – but also to show what is being done, in the health sciences field, around the country and around the world.

With the purpose of making science accessible and available to everyone we intend to translate the scientific jargon, offering you news and articles in a more friendly language.

Wanting not just to be another scientific platform, we intend to consolidate ourselves as a reference platform in the field of science communication.

Isa Mestre | Communication Officer


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