Friday, May 24, 2024
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Wait what? Biology and Electronics? Well I am not kidding. Yeah…it is biology and electronics.

As science and technology in todays developing world is advancing the subjects to study are becoming more interdisciplinary. You can find physics in biology, mathematics in chemistry and biology and now we have found electronics in biology.

This study is actually very interesting as the electronics here does not involve transistors or any electronic appliances. However, in bioelectronics, the electrical impulses of the brain are studied. Scientists as well as researchers believe that there is a unique impulse for each and every one of our actions. It varies when a person is ill. So essentially, every disease has a different effect on the human body and on the brain. Hence for every disease there has to be a different impulse. Based on this idea researchers are learning the language to study these impulses.

This Bioelectronic technology is also being studied to record these impulses and accordingly innovate technology to cure diseases via sending back new signals.

If we end up succeeding in doing so, it is going to be a blessing to mankind in a most ground-breaking way.



Source: Umapati, SciComm

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